Where do I vote in Arkansas?

Wallbuilders Election Resources and Information

Find links to voter guides, federal legislation, Pastor led initiatives like Project 75 and much more!

Below are links to the corresponding bill and voting record. Additional scorecard information is to your right for District 5 

Awakening Christian Citizenship

Do I have a run-off in my county? PROBABLY! 100 Run off elections in Arkansas Dec. 4.  Talk Business and Politics has compiled a terrific  list of who your choices are Dec 4.   Click to learn more

Click below to review an excellent voter's guide for all Arkansas incumbents and candidates that responded to the questionare from Jerry Cox and Family Council Action Committee. It's well organized and you can also order printed copies from this link as well!

     Miss our Faith and Facts; November Ballot Issues presentation? Here is a summary of that presentation.. Issues 1 and 3 votes will not be counted after the recent Supreme Court ruling but we are sure "They'll be back!"

Arkansas Taxes

 Read about all the current, proposed and past of the Arkansas Taxpayer Codes and Status. Not in Arkansas? Back space in the link to take you to other states