The richness of Mike Bishop's experiences have made him a popular entertainer and speaker for more than three decades. As one of 11 children in a tiny Arkansas delta town within earshot of Memphis, TN. he found music his ticket out of the cotton fields and into the world of entertainment.  

After a successful touring career which took him to 43 states, over a million miles and thousands of shows he and his wife Dale settled in NW Arkansas and brought their show to The Pine Mountain Jamboree, the longest running music and comedy show in Arkansas. Soon his business sense and community involvement were recognized and he became President of the Greater Eureka Springs Chamber of Commerce. His story is below...

Yep. I was fired.  I lost my theater and my job as Chamber President within 6 months of each other.

My wife and I operated the Pine Mountain Theater in Eureka Springs AR. the longest running comedy, music show in Arkansas. As the town focused more and more on liberal policies and spent their advertising dollars to attract non family visitors our business dwindled and we closed.
As Chamber President I continued to represent the over 400 members in and around Eureka Springs to great reviews and bonuses every year. On Feb. 9th, 2015 City Council declared an emergency and voted 2223, a non-discrimination ordinance (Sexual Orientation Gender Identity),  into law without public knowledge or input. The "emergency" was to get it in place before the State bill outlawing such ordinances went into effect. The press and Chamber members immediately began calling my office for the Chamber's position.  A meeting of the Executive Board was held, talking points were agreed on and a statement was released. During the next week about a dozen of the activist community complained loudly and within three weeks I was fired.  The backlash against my firing and support for the statement were strong and swift but the damage had been done and I was out. My Director of Operations, Toni Rose, followed me out, unable to work for a Board that lied to their members. In the ensuing weeks we were able to force the ordinance to a vote and launched a strong campaign however the local conservatives were intimidated or apathetic and did not turn out to vote. The ordinance passed. 

Realizing this was happening all across America, both discrimination in the work place against traditional American values and Christian Conservative intimidation and apathy, we decided to do something about it and formed 

Through action, education and unity we work everyday to represent, protect and lobby for traditional family values and wholesome communities by raising 
the Christian voice.  We believe Americans have awoken to the threat of liberal activism but don't always know what to do about it, what their resources are or have the time to travel to the Capitol during legislative session to speak with our lawmakers. We do and we share them with you so you can take action, register to vote, make an informed decision and let local, state and national civic and lawmakers know which decisions will best serve your values.

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Mike's Story