Awakening Christian Citizenship



This screen shot will give you a preview of our report. The bar to the left indicates our position, A red bar means we oppose, green is support and blue means we are watching but looking for more information. Press the blue button below to receive the full report with comments.

The First Commandment 

Stand Firm to protect your Christian values in the public forum of ideas. We are at cliff's edge and America is up to you!

​​The Legiscan Bill Tracker will take you to our weekly tracking report  that offers Bill numbers, status, sponsors and our notes on why we do or do not support. If you want to view these or other bills you may be interested in you may go to
Arkansas bills we are especially interested in are summarized to the right.

NOT EVERYONE IS INTERESTED IN THE SAME THING! We try to track those bills that most impact religious freedom, quality of communities and threats to traditional American values but there are so many more that impact Arkansans that we encourage you to Stand Firm through monitoring and action!

What if I really care about what is happening to our SPORTS? HIGH SCHOOL, COLLEGE, NATIONAL AND OLYMPIC? We can help you with information and how to speak up! 

There are so many passages in the Bible that command and encourage us to Stand Firm!

But we haven't always and now we see the results. If we keep stepping backward, we will fall off the cliff into oblivion! We are too close!

Let us show you how to Stand Firm for your values through Awakening Christian Citizenship!